HP Dietz

Fullstack anything coder.


  1. preact-component-console

    A console/terminal emulator Preact component. Simulates typing via dynamic delays.

  2. minify-inline-json

    Node.js module to minify inlined/embedded JSON data within <script> tags.

  3. embed-json

    Node.js module to inline/embed JSON data into files.

  4. OpenSSL Certificate Generator

    Automated, self-signed certificate generation via OpenSSL.

  5. mov2gif

    QuickTime video to GIF animation converter.

  6. node-amp-mustache-skeleton

    AMP project skeleton served via node.js featuring Mustache templating and Gulp based CI.

  7. goto

    Bash completion for fast project navigation.

  8. haensl.github.io

    Design and implementation of this site.

  9. gulp-embed-json

    Gulp plugin to inline/embed JSON data into HTML files.

  10. gulp-embed-svg

    Gulp plugin to inline/embed SVG images into HTML files.

  11. gulp-minify-inline-json

    Gulp plugin to minify inline <script> tags containing JSON data.

  12. vm-php

    PHP7 project skeleton based on Vagrant and Ansible featuring development and QA sites as well as MailHog.

  13. The Rovers | Pub Music

    Design, implementation and maintenance of the band's website.

  14. ng-async-img

    Angular.js 1.x directive for asynchronous, $animate-aware <img>-tags.

  15. JS-Profiler

    JavaScript profiling tool, library and benchmark collection.

  16. ngAnimatedScroll

    Promise based Angular.js 1.x service to facilitate animated scrolling.

  17. htmlelement.polyfills

    Lightweight, vanilla JavaScript polyfills for most common operations on the HTMLElement interface.

  18. Qake

    Design and implementation of the retro arcade game Qake for iOS.

  19. Spiegel TV Wissen: Wissenswelten

    Completion of front end related tasks on the Wissenswelten widget p.p. heinrich+gretchen.

  20. Spiegel TV Geschichte: Geschichte entdecken

    Completion of front end related tasks on the Timeline widget p.p. heinrich+gretchen.

  21. Ask The Crowd

    Design, implementation and evaluation of the crowdsourcing online portal Ask The Crowd, which enables users to ask and answer questions while providing realtime visualizations of the results.

  22. PerCom App 2012

    Member of the developer team for the official Android app of the 2012 IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communication (PerCom) conference in Lugano, Switzerland.

  23. MMM - The MultiModal Metronome

    Design and implementation of the Arduino-based rapid prototype for a metronome that reacts to external audio stimuli and provides visual cues of the beats.